Now and Forever

Alexandra Frost has lost her mind. Not really. She just can’t remember the first eighteen years of her life.

Jace Tyler McKinney, on the other hand, remembers all too well. He remembers how he and Lexi, as he calls her, planned to elope the day of their high school graduation. He remembers how much they loved one another. And he remembers how an accident on the early morning of their graduation took her life. As fate would have it, and unbeknownst to Jace, Lexi didn’t die, but lost her memory.

Felix Ogden, driver of the truck in the accident, has never forgotten the two people he believes destroyed his life.

The three of them collide ten years after the accident. Who will survive?

Will it be Lexi whose memory escapes her?

Will it be Jace who has never forgotten the love of his life?

Or will it be Felix Ogden who is on a collision course with death?

As an HPD detective, Jace is forced, by love and duty, to keep Lexi safe from the diabolical plans of Felix Ogden. To fail will bring death to them both.

And Lexi can’t understand why the handsome detective evokes feelings she only has in her dreams.

Ten years can’t erase the passion that blossomed between them. Nor can murder, kidnapping, lies and deceit keep them apart. But can they overcome the obstacles thrown in their path and love again?

Now and Forever is filled with passion between two people who loved one another a lifetime ago.

Will the lovers find their way back? Or will they die trying?

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Murder by the Book

Tess Neeley knew at an early age that not everyone could tell when a person had lied or was walking into danger. And not everyone could see events after and sometimes before they happened. She learned to keep her thoughts to herself.

Bold headlines one morning read that Doctor Spence, world-renowned heart surgeon, had been arrested for the murder of his wife.

Tess knew different. She’d seen the killer’s heartless brown eyes in a vision, seen him raise the knife and slash. But who would believe her? Certainly not Leo Lakowski, Harris County’s assistant DA and prosecutor of the case.

Leo didn’t know what to make of the journalist who hounds him relentlessly about the doctor’s innocence. Even when his own nephew is accused of murder, Leo doesn’t believe that Tess saw what had really happened.

It isn’t until they join forces on the dangerous journey to find his nephew’s killer; not until Tess’s life is on the line, do they realize that the murders are more diabolical they imagined.

When Tess’s predictions prove true, he comes to believe in them and in her.

With her rare insight and their mutual attraction, how could they help but fall in love?

Will they share a future? Or will the killer succeed in his plan to kill anyone who stands

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Tell Me No Lies

PI Nick Mckay doesn’t want another case. He’s worried about his younger brother, Joey, a cop on Houston’s Police Force who has seemingly disappeared on an unauthorized undercover investigation. Yet when Allie Hansen shows up on his doorstep in a cold, driving rain, he can’t turn her down.

Allie insists her sister was murdered and didn’t commit suicide as HPD insists. An attempt on Allie’s live convinces Nick to investigate.

Soon, Nick’s investigation collides with Joey’s and Allie’s life hangs in the balance. Before secrets begin to unravel, they find themselves falling in love.

Will their love prevail? Will the years-old secrets topple the leading candidate for the Presidency?

Or will Allie die before her sister’s killer is apprehended?

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This book is a luminescent love story about two people who discover a deep and compelling love, but first must endure heartbreak and the terror of facing a madman.

It is about losing hope and trust and finding it again only to have it crumble like ashes.

Learning that some unknown number in a sperm bank did not father her son, but by her deceased husband’s best friend, Jessica Riley is shocked to the depths of her being. She doesn’t think she can ever trust again, but when a psychopathic killer kidnaps her son, she has no one to turn to except his real father.

Cole Flanagan is undercover FBI who has struggled for years to keep his love for his best friend’s widow under control. There is no doubt that if she discovers her son’s true paternity and learns that Cole is not who she thinks, she will turn him out of her life.

The story will touch the corners of your heart as Cole and Jessica find their way through a labyrinth of fear, distrust and tragedy before they end up in each other’s arms.

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When Corey Roberts’ twin, Rosemary, is kidnapped at the age of five, FBI agent Jim McElroy heads an investigation that goes nowhere. However, neither Corey or Jim gave up.

Twenty years later, they are still searching for the missing twin. When Jim dies unexpectedly, Corey doesn’t know who to turn to. His son, FBI Agent Spencer McElroy, harbors a deep resentment for all the years his dad spent searching for the missing twin. An attempt on the life of the Speaker of the House by another child kidnapped years ago doesn’t ring any bells with Spencer. But when Rosemary attempts to kill the President, it all comes together and Spencer finally realizes that there’s a madman out there kidnapping children and turning them into potential killers. He has to find the man before he strikes again.

Though the twins are finally reunited, the evil Doctor Preston, who stole Rosemary so long ago and used her as a subject in his mad experiments, now wants her dead. Spencer realizes why his father spent so many years on the case and does his best to keep Rosemary alive. And in the process finds himself falling in love with Cory.

But is his best attempt to keep her twin safe enough? Corey doesn’t think so and in her attempt to protect her sister, unleashes an evil that threatens to destroy them all.

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