Now and Forever

Alexandra Frost has lost her mind. Not really. She just can’t remember the first eighteen years of her life.

Jace Tyler McKinney, on the other hand, remembers all too well. He remembers how he and Lexi, as he calls her, planned to elope the day of their high school graduation. He remembers how much they loved one another. And he remembers how an accident on the early morning of their graduation took her life. As fate would have it, and unbeknownst to Jace, Lexi didn’t die, but lost her memory.

Felix Ogden, driver of the truck in the accident, has never forgotten the two people he believes destroyed his life.

The three of them collide ten years after the accident. Who will survive?

Will it be Lexi whose memory escapes her?

Will it be Jace who has never forgotten the love of his life?

Or will it be Felix Ogden who is on a collision course with death?

As an HPD detective, Jace is forced, by love and duty, to keep Lexi safe from the diabolical plans of Felix Ogden. To fail will bring death to them both.

And Lexi can’t understand why the handsome detective evokes feelings she only has in her dreams.

Ten years can’t erase the passion that blossomed between them. Nor can murder, kidnapping, lies and deceit keep them apart. But can they overcome the obstacles thrown in their path and love again?

Now and Forever is filled with passion between two people who loved one another a lifetime ago.

Will the lovers find their way back? Or will they die trying?

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