Murder by the Book

Tess Neeley knew at an early age that not everyone could tell when a person had lied or was walking into danger. And not everyone could see events after and sometimes before they happened. She learned to keep her thoughts to herself.

Bold headlines one morning read that Doctor Spence, world-renowned heart surgeon, had been arrested for the murder of his wife.

Tess knew different. She’d seen the killer’s heartless brown eyes in a vision, seen him raise the knife and slash. But who would believe her? Certainly not Leo Lakowski, Harris County’s assistant DA and prosecutor of the case.

Leo didn’t know what to make of the journalist who hounds him relentlessly about the doctor’s innocence. Even when his own nephew is accused of murder, Leo doesn’t believe that Tess saw what had really happened.

It isn’t until they join forces on the dangerous journey to find his nephew’s killer; not until Tess’s life is on the line, do they realize that the murders are more diabolical they imagined.

When Tess’s predictions prove true, he comes to believe in them and in her.

With her rare insight and their mutual attraction, how could they help but fall in love?

Will they share a future? Or will the killer succeed in his plan to kill anyone who stands

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