This book is a luminescent love story about two people who discover a deep and compelling love, but first must endure heartbreak and the terror of facing a madman.

It is about losing hope and trust and finding it again only to have it crumble like ashes.

Learning that some unknown number in a sperm bank did not father her son, but by her deceased husband’s best friend, Jessica Riley is shocked to the depths of her being. She doesn’t think she can ever trust again, but when a psychopathic killer kidnaps her son, she has no one to turn to except his real father.

Cole Flanagan is undercover FBI who has struggled for years to keep his love for his best friend’s widow under control. There is no doubt that if she discovers her son’s true paternity and learns that Cole is not who she thinks, she will turn him out of her life.

The story will touch the corners of your heart as Cole and Jessica find their way through a labyrinth of fear, distrust and tragedy before they end up in each other’s arms.

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