When Corey Roberts’ twin, Rosemary, is kidnapped at the age of five, FBI agent Jim McElroy heads an investigation that goes nowhere. However, neither Corey or Jim gave up.

Twenty years later, they are still searching for the missing twin. When Jim dies unexpectedly, Corey doesn’t know who to turn to. His son, FBI Agent Spencer McElroy, harbors a deep resentment for all the years his dad spent searching for the missing twin. An attempt on the life of the Speaker of the House by another child kidnapped years ago doesn’t ring any bells with Spencer. But when Rosemary attempts to kill the President, it all comes together and Spencer finally realizes that there’s a madman out there kidnapping children and turning them into potential killers. He has to find the man before he strikes again.

Though the twins are finally reunited, the evil Doctor Preston, who stole Rosemary so long ago and used her as a subject in his mad experiments, now wants her dead. Spencer realizes why his father spent so many years on the case and does his best to keep Rosemary alive. And in the process finds himself falling in love with Cory.

But is his best attempt to keep her twin safe enough? Corey doesn’t think so and in her attempt to protect her sister, unleashes an evil that threatens to destroy them all.

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