When the Delaneys go on vacation, the have no idea they will encounter a hundred-year-old legend, a ghost, bank robbers and a couple of kids as adventurous as themselves.

The ghost, Kaliska, keeps everyone away from Fire Island. Danny, the daring ten-year-old, wants to investigate. Twins, Dillard and David, along with their sister, Dee, try to keep him out of trouble, but no one can keep Danny out of trouble. With his new friend, Michael, the boys go to Fire Island and are captured by bank robbers. The other children go after them. On the island they meet up with Kaliska who helps them find the boys. But they are on their own when it comes to capturing the thieves.

Excitement abounds as the hundred-year-old legend comes full circle and the children learn some vital lessons.

Their ingenuity and resourcefulness will keep you reading until the last page.

This is the first book in the Delaney Family Mystery Series and is suitable reading for eight to twelve-year-old boys and girls.

Collect them all for hours of reading pleasure.

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