The Delaney children are twelve-year-old twins, Dillon and David, ten-year-old, Danny and eight-year-old, Dee. With their friend, Otis, they stumble upon a weird mystery.

When the plantation near their home that has been abandoned for years suddenly comes to life, their curiosity leads them to investigate. The son and daughter of the original owners show up and claim to have found a priceless necklace that has been lost for over a hundred-years.

Dee finds and reads an old diary from that era and discovers the necklace is phony. Proving it turns exciting as the children and Otis creep around mausoleums and challenge the would-be thieves.

Excitement reaches a peak when Otis is arrested for stealing the necklace. Now they must prove him innocent and the only way to do that is find the real necklace.

But the legend goes that the necklace was buried with its owner and since the coffin has disappeared, where will they find it?

The childrens ingenuity will keep the pages turning, especially when they find the coffin and uncover a skeleton still wearing the necklace.

You will love these ordinary children as they prove their resilience and ingenuity over and over.

The Hoax is the second book in the Delaney Family Mystery Series.

Children age eight to twelve will read them over and over.

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