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Mitzi Pool Bridges


Wounded at Work

Wounded at work medNow Available!

FBI Agent Matthew Montgomery is handed a serial killer case on the same day his worthless cousin files suit for half of the sizable Montgomery Trust. His brothers, fellow retired SEALs, dig in to help find the proof needed to thwart Matt’s cousin. Read more…

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Wounded at Home

Wounded at Home medNow Available!

Financial analyst Sky Chapman must free her sister of a murder charge. Ex-SEAL Dirk Browning uses his skills as a private investigator and a military dog trainer to search for a way to keep Sky safe while they look for the killer and the missing millions the killer thinks she has. Read more…

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Wounded at the Lake

Wounded at the lake cover 200 x 300

Now Available!

Ex-Navy SEALs Cooper and Dirk Browning’s PI firm has been hired to find out who kidnapped their teammate’s ten-year-old daughter, Christie. They are stretched thin investigating two frustrating cases, in addition to handling their flourishing military canine-training enterprise. Read more…

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Promise Them

Promise them cover

Now Available!

Nellie Callahan, matriarch of the Callahan family, is perfectly content with her life on the Callahan Ranch until handsome Beau Chandler buys the ranch next door and comes courting. Read more…

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Promise Renewed

PromiseRenewed Callahan

Now Available!

Can a cop trust his partner with his heart as well as his life? Read more…

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Angel in Disguise


Now Available!

Julie is convinced heaven answered her prayers when she needed help the most. Read more…

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Now Available !

Sheriff Lynn Lawton of Lobster Cove, Maine want’s to find the serial killer in her backyard. What she doesn’t want
is FBI Special Agent Jake Mackenzie to discover a fifteen-year-old secret.

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Promise Made

Dugan Callahan and Kate Maroney loved each other five-years-ago with a roaring passion, but will they be able to recapture that love or will a murder and subsequent trial tear them apart?


Promise Her

Being a private investigator is a tough job, especially when the case Lisa Kane is working on combines with the death of her client and she becomes the prime suspect. Needing help from the man she wants, but who sees her as his little sister, Lisa struggles with her feelings while trying to keep herself alive. Read more…

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Promise Broken

Four and five star rated

They say that ‘Blood is Thicker than Water’. Why not, ‘Love is Thicker than Blood’. This wonderful story shows it. Read more…

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Promise Kept

TJ is strong and determined. Can she find her man and hold onto him? She takes a trip through some of the wildest places to find out! Read more…

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Find My Baby

An awesome mystery with surprising twists and turns and deaths that leave you wondering who is doing it all and why. Read more…

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In Now And Forever, an accident has destroyed Lexi’s memory—nothing can erase Jace’s and the love they shared. He thought her dead…and when they found each other again after ten years, it wasn’t an accident that kept them apart, but a killer. Would Lexi remember how deep their love had been? Would Jace save their lives? Read more…

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Murder By The Book

Murder by the Book

Murder By The Book is the story of Tess Neeley, who has had visions since she was a child. Most of the time she hated them. But when Doctor Spence, the world’s most noted heart surgeon, is arrested for killing his wife, she knows he is innocent. Leo Lakowski, the prosecutor in the case, is convinced of his guilt. They butt heads until Leo’s nephew is also accused of murder and Tess joins in the effort to clear him. With her rare insight and their mutual attraction, how can they help but fall in love? But will they share a future? Or will the killer succeed in his plan to kill anyone who stands in his way? Read more…

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Tell Me No Lies

In Tell Me No Lies, Allie Hansen hires Nick McKay to prove her sister didn’t commit suicide. Nick is reluctant since HPD says otherwise. An attempt on Allie’s life convinces him. Attraction builds as he tries to keep Allie safe. But lies and secrets begin to unveil that once uncovered could topple one of the wealthiest families in America. Read more…

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In The Name Of Love is a love story about Jessica Riley and Cole Flanagan. Jessica has no idea that her child has been fathered by her dead husband’s best friend and not by a number in the sperm bank. When she finds out, she is devastated and wants nothing more to do with him. But when their son is kidnapped she has no one else to turn to. This story will touch the corners of your heart as Cole and Jessica find their way through a labyrinth of fear, distrust and tragedy before they end up in each others arms. Read more…

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The Rosemary Files is about Corey Roberts and her twin, Rosemary who was kidnapped at the age of five. But Corey is convinced she is alive and never stops hunting for her. Twenty years later, Rosemary is found. Now, FBI agent Spencer McElroy wants to put Rosemary behind bars for the rest of her life. Corey knows her sister would never attempt murder. When they butt heads over Rosemary, they fall in love. But will they find the madman who tried to turn Rosemary into a killer before he kills them all? Read more…

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Angel In Distress is the story of two people whose lives are forever changed when a young woman sees her father murdered and has an automobile accident that gives her amnesia, sending her into the arms of Texas cowboy Matthew Reardon. Matt doesn’t welcome the attraction that rears up immediately. Neither does Angel (her assumed name). But when her father’s killers find her and end up in jail, Matt sends her away. Will their love survive Matt’s past? Will Angel be able to convince Matt that love will prevail despite their differences? Read more…

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Fire Island is the first in the Delaney Family Mystery series aimed for children ages eight to twelve.

An ordinary vacation turns into an adventure when the Delaney children hear a hundred-year-old legend and decide to investigate Fire Island. There they encounter a ghost, bank robbers and against all odds, manage to come out as heroes. But will their parents think so? Read more…

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The Hoax is the second in the Delaney Family Mystery Series, the children’s curiosity once more gets them in trouble and when they find an age-old diary are convinced the neighbors claim of finding a valuable antique necklace is bogus. Proving it puts them in danger. But the children manage to find the original necklace and prove once more how clever they are. Read more…

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The Magic Star is the last in the Delaney Family Mystery Series. Here the children help a friend try to clear his father’s name and in the process run across diamond smugglers and an FBI sting. When they chase the smugglers on a boat in the middle of the night they have to rely on their ingenuity and wits to survive. This is an adventure you won’t soon forget. Read more…

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6 Responses to “Books by Mitzi Pool Bridges”

  1. Antoinette says:

    When will promise made be on iBook.

  2. mitzipb says:

    Promise Made has a worldwide distribution date of June 27th
    It is now available only at Amazon
    Thanks, for the query.

  3. says:

    I just finished reading Promise Made. This is best well written book I’ve read in a long time. I loved Dugan and Kate’s story. You covered everything perfectly. Now I have to read the other Callahan stories. GREAT JOB!!!!!!

  4. mitzipb says:

    I am so glad you liked Book Four in The Callahan Series.
    Book Five will be out this year and of course the others are already in distribution.
    Thanks for letting me know your thoughts.
    Mitzi Pool Bridges

  5. Caroline Clemmons says:

    Mitzi, I’m co-owner of the Smart Girls Read Romance blog at We have an opening on October 22nd, 2014 and wonder if you would like to post that day. Our blog is directed to readers who want to know about an author’s process, especially a multi-published author like yourself. After you discuss something about your joys and problems and any photos that illustrate such, you can go into promotion for your latest release, your buy links and personal links, cover jpg. etc.

    I hope to hear from you at


  6. mitzipb says:

    Please remind me.

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